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“Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: its starting point” – Henry Mintzbergpraxis hospitality specialise in practical advice to independent hotel owners

To operate a succesful business requires planning and planning starts with having a strategy, an approach to the market that is designed to maximise the opportunities available.

The opportunities available are a combination of the hotel’s look, style and facilities, employees, location, competition and reputation. All of these factors, some of which can be altered, play a part in forming both an overall strategy and linked strategies for the multiple markets that hotels usually operate in.

A strategic review from Praxis Hospitality considers all the factors that impact a hotels strategy and how they fit with the current approach, providing recommendations that may either develop and enhance the current approach or suggest practical and realistic alternatives. The over-riding principal is what will enhance value for our client.

Strategy reviews take from 2 – 4 days depending on complexity of the hotel.


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Why Praxis Hospitality?

With Praxis Hospitality clients deal with one individual who is well placed to understand their business and appreciate the complex issues involved. Our costs will always provide an excellent return on investment and we will always provide unbiased and open feedback, our goal is to increase value for our clients.

About Praxis Hospitality

Praxis Hospitality is focused on offering cost effective and practical advice to independent hotel owners and managers. Working together with our clients we help them achieve their best outcome.

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